The Perks of Being a Wallflower


From the producers of Juno => could be fun…

So this movie is about a bunch of kids in high school. Freshmen, seniors, blah blah blah…the usual stuff…but this movie has a dark side, and that makes it worth watching. Not your usual teenager movie…I really enjoyed it :).



Better Living Through Chemistry


Who would have thought that this is a movie about a junkie? And a funny one, I must say…

Not your usual Sunday evening movie, but a pretty good one. Sam Rockwell is hilarious and Michelle Monaghan does a great job being obnoxious.

Movie maker guys…forget about comedies with “Vegas” or “Hangover” in their title and try something a bit more like this movie. It might just make everyone`s search for a relaxing movie a lot easier.


The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I really wished that this movie was as great as the trailer promised…But it wasn`t.  Instead, it was a bit too long and a bit too boring.

Great scenery, great actor (who doesn`t like Ben Stiller)… but not enough for a 2 hours movie. Why do all new movies have to be 2 hours long these days? This story would have been great for the classic hour and a half. If you are one of those people who don`t like to leave the cinema when they get bored and insist on seeing the ending, I recommend you watch it at home…

Oh…look! It`s Sean Penn…and he is famous…and his name is Sean. It is always weird when the actor and the character have the same name. It`s all you`re gonna think of for at least 30 minutes of the movie. You`re probably gonna be like: Was that Sean Penn? Why is he famous? Why is Ben Stiller following him? What does that have to do with anything? Why is his name Sean? Is Sean Penn trying to tell us that now he`s into photography?

So many questions…Such a long movie…


Ok so…Divergent


Let`s try to make this first entry interesting by starting with a movie that is neither bad nor good. That pretty much means that I can say whatever I want about it.

Copy/Paste whatever anyone said about The Hunger Games. Oh, but no Lenny Kravitz this time, all we get is Zoe Kravitz (close enough). It may come as a surprise the fact that she is…friends with the heroine (not heroin) but at the same time manipulated by the system…

Fun to see Kate Winslet acting like a bitch, though…